Meet Andreas Lium – Fly tier, fly fisherman, philosopher and hook nerd

When we design new hooks, we try to do our research up front. That means checking out what’s already on the market? What works great – and what sucks. And how can we improve on already existing designs. And in all these tasks, we try to get the help from creative and innovative fly tiers.

Winter and spring fly boxes – how to avoid cabin fever

We are at midwinter here on the Northern Hemisphere right now – and trout season is opening in a week in some of the Danish rivers. Saltwater fishing for sea run browns is on all year round – and there’s also some cool predator fishing waiting out there if you don’t mind the cold and dark … Continue reading “Winter and spring fly boxes – how to avoid cabin fever”

Low life in high… and cold… water

Think weedless flies, and I guess you see images of surface popper fishing in lily pads on a warm summer day passing through your mind. If you live on the southern hemisphere that even might be an option right now. If you life in the north… well summer surface action seems light years away right … Continue reading “Low life in high… and cold… water”

Daniel D. Holm ties a Janus Tobis

Last week we opened the lid to Pandora’s fly box a quarter of an inch… and leaked the news on our Freshwater Series hooks. We had a fabulous response from you guys on every social media platform – so thanks a lot for your support, for the ideas for new products and for being just … Continue reading “Daniel D. Holm ties a Janus Tobis”

How to choose a hook

We are well on the way to having what we consider a full line of hooks (although we’re probably not done yet). We have most species covered and we believe we have a broad selection of both general and specialist hook designs. Dry flies, wet flies, saltwater flies (both cold and tropical saltwater), pike, salmon, … Continue reading “How to choose a hook”

Three ways to go weedless – without sacrificing hook ability

Any angler knows the frustrating truth: The worst predators often choose to hang out in the most dangerous areas. These bad boys, that really want to kill your cute looking streamers, hide in dense weedbeds, sunken timber, under undercut banks, logs or jetties. Places that are notorious fly eaters.

Dry or die – on knowledge and passion

Fishing a dry fly to a steadily rising trout can be a very fulfilling experience. It can be totally uncomplicated as well – if the fish isn’t to discriminating when choosing the bugs. But some days are more challenging than others – and to have a success on a regular basis you need to know … Continue reading “Dry or die – on knowledge and passion”

Bucktail and bucktail flies – tradition, innovation and pure magic

As fly tiers and fly fishermen we are able to choose from an impressive selection of hair materials: Calf Tail, squirrel tail and a parade of furs from fox, bear, goat, sheep and lots of others animals. And then there are the synthetics. All of these have their pros and cons – and their own … Continue reading “Bucktail and bucktail flies – tradition, innovation and pure magic”