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AHREX - Splittail Flashfly - tied by Henrik Leth

This one looks like your average flash fly until it hits the water. Henrik added a little detail, that might surprise you… and catch the attention of the big mamas. Check it out.
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Nightwatchman - tied by Michael Jensen

The Nightwatchman is my own pattern, and a personal favourite for fishing in low light conditions: Dusk, dawn, nighttime and days with dark skies, rain and thunder. This version is tied mostly for pike and other large predators, but it is great streamer for trout as well. When the Nightwatchman is doing its rounds… things … Continue reading "Nightwatchman – tied by Michael Jensen"
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Sunburst Pike Slider - tied by Michael Jensen

Made for pike, musky, bass and other predators The large woolhead push a lot of water, and calls for attention – while sliding just under the surface.