Clips, snaps & wire

We offer various snaps and clips to help with quick fly change and to avoid shortening your leader, and the best 7-stranded wire for predators with sharp teeths.

Ahrex Snap

The Ahrex Snap is available in two sizes and is a obvious choise for quick changes of larger flies. We reccomend it for fly-size 1/0 and up.

Size M:
Length: 9.10 mm
Wirediameter: 0.72 mm
Finish: Black-Nickel

Size L:
Length: 10.15 mm
Wirediameter: 0.80 mm
Finish: Black-Nickel

Fstach Clip

The Fastach Clip connector lets you change the fly in seconds with a simple twist. We reccomend it for fly-size 2 and up.. It is also used as as a base for mounting different kind of tails for large predator-flies, and then connected to the fly via a snap or wire on the fly.

Size 1:
Length: 14.40 mm
Wirediameter: 0.60 mm
Finish: Black-Nickel

Size 0:
Length: 10.65 mm
Wirediameter: 0.60 mm
Finish: Black-Nickel

Stay Locked Snap

For an easy and reliable connection between fly and line. Easy to open but the design will not allow it to open during fishing. We reccomend it from fly-size 1/0 and up.

Size 1:
Length: 18.50 mm
Wirediameter: 0.50 mm
Finish: Black-Nickel

Size 2:
Length: 20.90 mm
Wirediameter: 0.62 mm
Finish: Black-Nickel

Predator Wire 7X7

Predator wire can withstand even the sharpest teeth from predatory fish but is still soft enough to tie knots on the catch. The wire itself is braided from seven strands stainless wire and nylon coated for extra durability. We carry it in two breaking strenghts.

Test: 40 lb – 5 meter
Wirediameter: 0.60 mm
Finish: Black-Nickel

Test: 26 lb – 5 meter
Wirediameter: 0.45 mm
Finish: Stealth Grey Finish