Mugs & bottles

Enjoy a fine cup of coffee

Nothing beats a good fishing-trip or the time behind the tying-vice than a good cup of coffee or tea. Even medium coffee will taste amazing in the right cup and we have therefore designed two delicious cups.

The cups are made of enameled steel in a really good quality and they only get more beautiful with a little patina. The cups are available in two designs: Black with “No More Bull Shit…!” and red details and “All You Need is Coffee” in beige with blue and red details. By the way… wine, whiskey, rum or riverbeer also taste absolutely excellent of an Ahrex cup.

• Enamal painted steel mug (350 ml).

• Dishwasher safe.

• Do not put into microwave oven.

Ahrex Thermo Mug

Ahrex thermo mugs are perfect to take on a fishing trip, in the car or just to always have hot coffee nearby. Double-walled mug with screw-lid and drink opening with tilt lid. Available in blue or black.

• Capacity: 350 ml.

• Stainless steel and PP plastic.

• We reccomend cleaning by hand.

• Do not put in microwave oven.

Ahrex thermo Mug

Double-insulated thermos in stainless steel that holds hot and cold drinks well. Keeps the drink warm for up to 12 hours and cold for up to 24 hours!

Preheat the thermos with hot water (or cold) to keep the drink at the desired temperature for longer.

• Capacity: 500 ml.

• Stainless steel.

• We reccomend cleaning by hand.

• Do not put in microwave oven.