Brown and Yellow Deer-hair Divers, tied by Magnus Nygren

Brown and Yellow Deer-hair Divers, tied by Magnus Nygren

The Streamer scene has changed quite dramatically over the last two decades. Creative fly fishermen and fly tiers like Kelly Galloup, Russ Maddin, Tommy Lynch and several others have pushed streamer fly tying in new and innovative directions. The way we fish for large predatory trout is now much more aggressive and we target them with much bigger flies. 

Therefore we felt an urge at Ahrex Hooks to design hooks specifically for predatory trout – hence the name for this group of hooks – Trout Predator. Swedish fly tier Andreas Andersson has played a huge role in the design phase and a lot of his thoughts and ideas are clearly visible in the hooks.


TP610 – Trout Predator Streamer

TP610 – Trout Predator Streamer Excellent as a leading/front hook for modern articulated streamers. Stinger/Aberdeen hybrid bend. Strong wire. Big hook gap aids tracking and hook up percentage on bulky modern streamers, deer hair and mouse pattern designs. Black Nickel Finish Available in size 6/0, 4/0, 2/0, 1/0,  1, 2 & 4 Chemically sharpened with small barb For … Continue reading "TP610 – Trout Predator Streamer"

TP650 – 26 degree Bent Streamer

TP650 – 26 degree Bent Streamer Designed specifically with articulated streamer patterns like Drunk and Disorderly and Sid’s in mind where an angled ”wedge” deer hair head create a big fish magnet type of action. Large hook gap to accommodate bigger heads. Strong wire. This hook flipped upside down with dumbbell eyes or a sculpin … Continue reading "TP650 – 26 degree Bent Streamer"