New Release – XO 750 Universal Stinger

We released the first hooks in the XO-series almost exactly a year ago – on October 23rd 2020. And while it might have been an extra ordinary accomplishment to release the second hook in the series almost exactly a year after the series-release, it is of course completely unintended.

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New Nordic Series

HP Glass Minnow is another simple, inconspicuous fly, originated by Danish fly tyer, Henrik Strandgaard. Henrik is best know for classic salmon flies, but is behind this pattern, which also does very well on calm days and in clear water. Body of pearl tinsel, wing of blue and natural polar bear, kept sparse and eyes of ProSportfisher Gen3 synthetic jungle cock.

It sounds a bit like a new direction in modern, Scandinavian cuisine, but it’s not. It’s a new hook in our Nordic Series. Do they ever stop releasing new hook, you might think. Well, not in any foreseeable future. Nordic Series was the first line of hooks we released, so named to mark that we are a Danish hooks brand. Most of the hooks are intended and designed for saltwater fishing in Scandinavia, but most of them are very versatile and will fit a number of flies for all sorts of fishing.

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Fall sea trout

‘I have always enjoyed the fall season on the coast. I particularly like the fall season, because the fish are always in good condition after feasting their way through spring and summer.’

Andreas Larsson has written this week’s blog for us – a few tips for fall fishing along the coast and a beautiful zonker fly for the season.

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Caddis nymphs

Like may fly nymphs and the nymphal- or larvae stage of any insect, the adult part of the life cycle is the shortest. The large mayflies can live for days, the smallest perhaps only for a hours. Caddis are generally the same – the larger species can live for several days, the smaller just a few days. After mating and egg laying they both die and become spent spinners – a stage off the life cycle the fish know well, since they are easy prey, unable to escape.

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End of the dry fly season

The dry fly season coming to an end. But it’s certainly not over and the fishing can still be quite good. There are still insects on the surface – some that come from below and even some that come from above. An important food item for trout and grayling during the fall is sedges – or caddis.

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Hökensås Trout Safari

Our friends at Hökensås Sportsfiske have been organising their popular Trout Safari events for a long time, and they usually sell out very quickly. In the last weekend of October, we have partnered with Hökensås til to put on a Trout Safari together.

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5kg + sea sea trout from Scandinavia – a list by Pelle Klippinge

Pelle Klippinge is a well known name in fly fishing in Scandinavia. Pelle is an accomplished fly fisherman and writer with many, many big fish to his name and a quite a few popular books as well. It seems that Pelle has a certain fascination for sea trout – and it almost seems as if (big) sea trout have a certain fascination with Pelle Klippinge.

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Most fly fishers know the style of flies called Matukas. They are a style – originated in New Zealand; a matuka is not a fixed pattern. In fact, their proper name shouldn’t even be matuka, but rather matuku. Matuku is the Maori name for the bittern, and it was the bittern’s feathers that were used for the first matukas (I’ll from here continue using the now common name).

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The people behind Ahrex: The Blogger (Lars Chr. Bentsen)

Rügen Ralswiek LCB-08c

I’m not terribly comfortable writing a blog about myself, but I’m under strict orders from HQ to do so, so bear with me. It of course began when I was a kid, fishing brown trout in the local stream and flat fish, weevils and the odd cod from the local harbour. My mother has a knitting club, and a husband to one of the other “girls” was an eager fly fisher, and he introduced me – and then everything went wrong.

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The people behind Ahrex: Andreas Andersson

Gunnison - Andreas Andersson-08

Continuing the series of presentation of core personnel in and around Ahrex Hooks, today it’s time for “the other Swede”, the fly tying Force of Nature, Andreas Andersson. I’m sure most of you already know Andreas (I can at least that his videos are some of the most popular on our YouTube-channel). Andreas is known world-wide for his big-streamer-fly-tying.

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