The people behind Ahrex: The Blogger (Lars Chr. Bentsen)

Rügen Ralswiek LCB-08c

I’m not terribly comfortable writing a blog about myself, but I’m under strict orders from HQ to do so, so bear with me. It of course began when I was a kid, fishing brown trout in the local stream and flat fish, weevils and the odd cod from the local harbour. My mother has a knitting club, and a husband to one of the other “girls” was an eager fly fisher, and he introduced me – and then everything went wrong.

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The people behind Ahrex: Andreas Andersson

Gunnison - Andreas Andersson-08

Continuing the series of presentation of core personnel in and around Ahrex Hooks, today it’s time for “the other Swede”, the fly tying Force of Nature, Andreas Andersson. I’m sure most of you already know Andreas (I can at least that his videos are some of the most popular on our YouTube-channel). Andreas is known world-wide for his big-streamer-fly-tying.

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The people behind Ahrex: Mo (Morten Valeur)


It’s summer and we all sincerely hope that the COVID-pandemic is loosening its grip where ever you are, so many of you again are out fishing, enjoying the season. The last year or so there has been some changes in Ahrex – primarily with new personnel and such, so we will run a series of presentations over the summer weeks. Don’t worry, Mr. Ahrex and Dr. Hook are still here.

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Poul Jorgensen


The Danish-American connection. Poul Jorgensen is a Danishman, who spent most of his life in the United States, where he earned quite a reputation as an excellent fly tyer. Being Danish he of course kept a connection to Denmark and he was, among many others of course friends with the Mad Veterinarian, Preben Torp (a well known character in Denmark).

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Denmark Fishing Lodge

Fyn - DFL 20-07-05

Fishing for sea trout in the salt is about as close as you’ll ever get to a Danish, national favourite fishing. Fishing in the salt requires only a cheap, state license and you have access to approximately 7000km of coastline (all of which of course isn’t good sea trout water). The fishing can be hard, it can be easy, but I’ll say it’s always good – maybe not in terms of fish, but a day spent out is always good. It can even be said that the Ahrex brand has it’s roots in this type of fishing – our first series was the NS – Nordic Salt.

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