Cold water decisions

As the water continues to cool down, an age old debate tends to heat up. In southern Scandinavia we’re blessed with many flyfishing opportunities all year round. The first factor is of course that fishing is allowed and the next that waters are ice free, but if both are the case the flyfisher has many choices. Fishing for sea run brown trout – in the sea – is as close to a “national fishery” as you’ll ever get in Denmark, but also pike fishing in the lakes (and some river systems) is open during winter and with that also perch fishing.

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Are old news still news?


At least we can say with certainty that they’re not fake news, but we do have some hooks that have been added to our current line-up, and they’ve slipped under the radar, so we thought it best to point them out here on the blog.

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Opening day on the Swedish West Coast – field report and tips

Peter Alexandersson-02

After several blogs mostly about the many international angling shows this spring – it’s time to turn to the great outdoors and some real fishing. The start of April marks the opening of seatrout season on the Swedish west coast – a day awaited with a lot of anticipation and hope. Continue reading “Opening day on the Swedish West Coast – field report and tips”

Scandinavian salt in January – chasing silver

Skåne Sølv-01 Photo by Jon Hansson

There’s something exiting about uncorking a brand new season. New trips are in the pipeline. New flies. And new opportunities. Right now this season has the potential to be your best ever… or the worst ;0) Continue reading “Scandinavian salt in January – chasing silver”

Ahrex Hooks Blog – Your go-to resource


2018 is running deep into the backing right now, and today the blog is looking into… well, the blog. This is number 132. We haven’t missed one single Friday since day one. We are there for you every week of the year – including summer holidays, Christmas and New Year. If we aren’t anything else… we are dependable ;0)

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#PlasticInTheBasket – as natural as breathing


Being fly fishermen each and every one of us depends on unspoiled natural resources. The fish we hunt need clean rivers, lakes and oceans – and we sure do as well. Yet each day mankind do a great job of spoiling the planet. I guess many of us do the best we can, to counteract the decline – through river restoration projects, recycling fishing tackle – and trying to make good choices as a consumer and earthling ;0)

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