Summer is upon us, which as so many other seasons offer new opportunities. Sea trout are migrating to the rivers and many really don’t start fishing for them until now – myself included. It’s fun fishing, often in the evenings and in the dark and that feeling of a sea trout grabbing a big, black tube fly in the surface often startles me. The big ones can sound like someone dropped a refrigerator on the fly and feel like it too.

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Fly fishing for ide – a cool alternative for warm days

Forgotten River - Rimte - 31-07-09

Once upon a time, fly fishing was primarily a technique for catching trout and grayling. But today an increasing number of species are targeted with the fly rod. Anything from dace to sailfish is caught on a regular basis by anglers seeking new experiences. And since there are around 34.000 recognized species of fish on the planet, there’s no lack of targets. Continue reading “Fly fishing for ide – a cool alternative for warm days”