Fishing in freshwater with dry flies, nymphs and wet flies for trout, grayling and a wide range of other species is by far the largest fly-fishing scene in the world. So far, we have spent our time on developing hooks for Nordic Salt, Predator, Home Run and Trout Predator – important hooks for sure and close to our hearts, but now it is time to release The Freshwater Series.

Fishing dries is the holy grail of fly-fishing so it is not without some nervousness we bring the FW series to the market. We have had a close look at what is out there, talked and listened to many experienced fly fishermen around the world. Nine models, all of them available both barbed and barbless. This is only the beginning – you can expect many more models in the FW series in the years to come. So here, we are – take a look, we hope you like them.

Have a look in our this short presentation of our Freshwater Series – the Freshwater Series are available from january 2018…