5kg + sea sea trout from Scandinavia – a list by Pelle Klippinge

Pelle Klippinge is a well known name in fly fishing in Scandinavia. Pelle is an accomplished fly fisherman and writer with many, many big fish to his name and a quite a few popular books as well. It seems that Pelle has a certain fascination for sea trout – and it almost seems as if (big) sea trout have a certain fascination with Pelle Klippinge.

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Denmark Fishing Lodge

Fyn - DFL 20-07-01-03

On southern Fyn (the isle in the middle of Denmark, which happens to have some extraordinarily good sea trout fishing) you’ll find a rarity – at least in Denmark. No, it is in fact something as ordinary as a fishing lodge. There plenty of fishing lodges around the world, and yet, Denmark Fishing Lodge on the edge of Helnæs Bay on Fyn was the first, full-service fishing lodge in Denmark.

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