New tying inspiration – from friends around the globe


Autumn is here on the Northern Hemisphere, with showers of rain, cold winds and the seasonal runs of migratory trout and salmon. A great time to be out there, enjoying your favourite pastime.

On the other side of the globe, spring is approaching – which isn’t bad either. Continue reading “New tying inspiration – from friends around the globe”

Dr. Hook talks – new streamer hooks

Pike release

Ahrex Hook is running on the third season now, and new hook designs are always brewing in the lab. I’ve caught up with our hook designer, Soren Flarup to try to find out what he is up to at the moment. Since there are a lot of new hooks in the making – today we choose to focus on the PR Predator Series and the TP Trout Predator Series. So… basically this is for you guys, that like to tie and throw bad-ass streamers. Continue reading “Dr. Hook talks – new streamer hooks”

Ahrex Hooks in London

The London Flyfishing Fair-01-2

The Ahrex team is busy this spring. Today and tomorrow (March the 23th to the 24th) Morten and Søren are joining the London Fly Fishing Fair. We feel honoured and exited to join this very cool event in one of the most important countries in hook making history. Continue reading “Ahrex Hooks in London”

Meet us in Stockholm this weekend


A great way to build up anticipation, cure the cabin fever (or boost it) and meet friends that are just as crazy about angling as yourself, is to go to some of the angling shows, that seems to be everywhere in the late winter and spring. Continue reading “Meet us in Stockholm this weekend”

Meet our Italian friends… and a new distributor

Spey Minnow by Giovanni De Pace-01-2

The Ahrex Hooks family is still growing – meaning that new distributors, new shops and new tiers are joining in every month. So today I will take a look on some of these new friends. And we have the results of the Trout Bandits/Andreas Andersson and Ahrex Hooks Giveaway. But for now let’s go to Italy.

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Curves are sexy – case study on Ahrex FW510 and FW511

Egglaying Caddis - tied by Michael Jensen (1 of 1)

If you want to put some dangerous curves into your dry flies, try our FW510 hook – or FW511 if you want a barbless version. A lot of insects have a similar curve in their bodies when hatching, swarming or egg laying.

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Ahrex Freshwater Series – shipping to your favorite fly shop right now

Adams by Håkan Karsnäser-0-2

They are in the house! We are very happy to announce that the Ahrex Freshwater Series fly hooks arrived this week. In case you wonder what 3.5 million fly hooks look like – well… they take up real estate the size of your average classic VW hippie van – and they look absolutely great – well… if you are a bit nerdy I guess;0) Continue reading “Ahrex Freshwater Series – shipping to your favorite fly shop right now”

Happy New Year – Looking back… and forward

Rügen Ralswiek LCB-11 copy

In the start of 2016 Ahrex Hooks set out on a pretty simple mission. Our plan was to design and produce some cool fly hooks and to build a brand that stood out and made a mark in a very traditional business.

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The Destination Articulation Fly Tying Contest – tie, snap a photo and win

Destination Articulation Fly Tying Contest_Instagram poster

Heads-up guys. Christmas is coming early this year! You’ve got the chance to win a Taylor Fly Fishing Revolution Fly Reel, an Ahrex Hooks Super Pack, a Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise, an Orvis Helios3 9-foot 5-weight Fly Rod and a bunch of cool products from Flymen Fishing Company.

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