Fly colour, light and visibility


Today, let’s talk colour. As fly fishermen we are kind of obsessed with colours. We are not any different from guys swinging spoons, spinners and jigs in that regard. But tying your own flies doesn’t make things less complicated. Everybody is searching for that colour combo that is just irresistible to anything with fins. We use as much time talking colours as we do talking weather – and bad excuses for not catching the big one today.

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Go under the surface – and be amazed


We have probably all seen the variety of colours and the impressive amount of fish, shrimps and other critters that inhabits a tropical coral reef. Some of us have experienced it in real life snorkeling or diving – and some of us have only seen it on a TV-screen. Continue reading “Go under the surface – and be amazed”

Born in the nordic salt

Denmark Fishing Lodge - Claus Eriksen-04

At Ahrex Hooks we design and produce fly tying hooks that enable you guys to target a lot of different species around the world. Anything from panfish to sharks have been caught on our products. But the type of fishing that started the whole thing, was our local fly fishing for mainly sea trout (or sea run brown) on the Scandinavian coast. Around here sea trout fishing in the salt is the national sport.

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A simple but classy shrimp – and one for the dark side


Shrimps are popular among saltwater fish… and fly tiers as well. We have seen a lot of extraordinary elaborate shrimps on this blog over the last couple of years. Some of these are pure art on a hook. Continue reading “A simple but classy shrimp – and one for the dark side”

Sandeels and flatwing streamers – two new videos from Henrik Kure Nielsen

Icebreaker Sand Eel by Henrik Kure Nielsen-03_small

Sandeels are long, slim and super fast swimming baitfish. The name is used for a considerable number of saline species. These baitfish are popular with a lot of different predatory fish. And since they live and feed on sandy or gravelly bottom along the coastline – often they find themselves in need of a place to hide in a hurry. Continue reading “Sandeels and flatwing streamers – two new videos from Henrik Kure Nielsen”

Ragworm season coming up – let’s get some hackles spinning

Omoe Brush

Ok, it’s still winter around here. We are going into another cold front, that should supply snow, frozen lakes, running noses and cabin fever. But spring is on our doorstep. In Southern Scandinavia that means seatrout will be back on the coast after the breeding season. It also means that the ragworms will start their breeding season – and as a seatrout fisherman that is not something you should miss out on. That is the start of a regular saltwater fishing bonanza. Continue reading “Ragworm season coming up – let’s get some hackles spinning”

From all of us – to all of you


Christmas is here, but the kettles are still boiling at the Ahrex Hooks headquarter. We have one of our favourite Swedish streamer dudes, Andreas Andersson in the house in these days – and we are doing a lot of new films with Andreas, while he is here.

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