It’s pod cast day

There are a lot of popular and big pod cast channels on fly fishing. We have our own pod cast channel, which, as of yet, doesn’t contain material we’ve produced ourselves, but hopefully that’ll change some day. Today we still have five no less than seven pod casts to present.

Five of them are by Søren as Karby, whom you might know from the channel already. Søren is a Danish fly fisherman, photographer and journalist. His pod casts are small short stories, which often present a much different angle on fly fishing. You won’t hear info on how to swing a streamer or secure a drag free drift with your dry fly. No, you’re more like to get a quirky angle and something to think about.

Fly fishing on the doctor’s orders? A humpback whale getting a tax return? Gourmet meals? A gentleman on the beach? Curious to hear what all that has to do with fishing? Take a look at our pod cast channel here. Take a look at our pod cast channel here:

Our good friend and red fish guide extraordinaire, Gary Dubiel, is on the “Ask about fly fishing” pod cast on June 19th, which is aired live and of course available on demand afterwards. Morten fished with Gary for red fish a few months ago. Gary has developed a very special technique for red fish, which we’ll feature some day, when we can twist his arms hard enough.
Catch it live here from June 19th:

And finally, Morten was a guest on “The Articulate Fly” telling the story of Ahrex. So if you’re curious on that story, find it here: