The Muddler goes ultra sonic

Sunburst Sonic Muddler-3 copy

Today Ahrex Hook team member, Morten Valeur, ties a Sunburst Sonic Muddler, so let’s do a little catching up on the history of the muddler fly. Around 1950 Don Gapen of the Gapen Fly Company, Anoka, Minnesota came up with the original Muddler Minnow, still considered one of the most versatile streamer flies ever developed.

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Horses for courses – tips on choosing the right hook


Sometimes finding the right fly isn’t enough to close the deal – presentation is often more important.

Last night I was doing a saltwater fly tying demo, when a guy asked me: What is the best hook for a small sculpin imitation for sea trout? Continue reading “Horses for courses – tips on choosing the right hook”