Classic inspiration from New Zealand – low light and large trout


Right now, the Southern Hemisphere experience winter, while the Northern part of the globe is going into summer and holiday mode. In some areas, the heatwave is getting a bit too intense – and fishing in the middle of the day isn’t always productive if your quarry is trout.

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Ragworm season coming up – let’s get some hackles spinning

Omoe Brush

Ok, it’s still winter around here. We are going into another cold front, that should supply snow, frozen lakes, running noses and cabin fever. But spring is on our doorstep. In Southern Scandinavia that means seatrout will be back on the coast after the breeding season. It also means that the ragworms will start their breeding season – and as a seatrout fisherman that is not something you should miss out on. That is the start of a regular saltwater fishing bonanza. Continue reading “Ragworm season coming up – let’s get some hackles spinning”

Low life in high… and cold… water

Booby Rainbow_

Think weedless flies, and I guess you see images of surface popper fishing in lily pads on a warm summer day passing through your mind. If you live on the southern hemisphere that even might be an option right now. If you life in the north… well summer surface action seems light years away right now, as we are getting close to winter Solstice. But using weedless flies or weedless fishing techniques still make a lot of sense.

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Tying and swinging soft hackle flies


There’s just something pure, clean and honest about simple soft hackles wet flies and spiders. Take a look at the classic British North Country Spiders, the loch style wet flies – or the flymphs from Liesenring or Hidy.

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Horses for courses – tips on choosing the right hook


Sometimes finding the right fly isn’t enough to close the deal – presentation is often more important.

Last night I was doing a saltwater fly tying demo, when a guy asked me: What is the best hook for a small sculpin imitation for sea trout? Continue reading “Horses for courses – tips on choosing the right hook”