Are old news still news?


At least we can say with certainty that they’re not fake news, but we do have some hooks that have been added to our current line-up, and they’ve slipped under the radar, so we thought it best to point them out here on the blog.

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Low life in high… and cold… water

Booby Rainbow_

Think weedless flies, and I guess you see images of surface popper fishing in lily pads on a warm summer day passing through your mind. If you live on the southern hemisphere that even might be an option right now. If you life in the north… well summer surface action seems light years away right now, as we are getting close to winter Solstice. But using weedless flies or weedless fishing techniques still make a lot of sense.

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Lars Christian Bentsen ties a CF FW Sandeel


This week – which is part of the Easter Holydays – we have a new video ready for you. Actually we have two… sort of – since we already released Per Tofting’s PT Zonker Shrimp this Wednesday.

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