Are old news still news?


At least we can say with certainty that they’re not fake news, but we do have some hooks that have been added to our current line-up, and they’ve slipped under the radar, so we thought it best to point them out here on the blog.

Superb fish-imitations tied by Sander Zuidinga on the new size 1/0 NS172

The all new Ahrex Salt-series was released in September, but we’ve actually been adding hooks to some of the existing series too. Last week I mentioned that we’ve increased the NS 172 Curved Gammarus-series with a #1 and 1/0.

Ahrex NS172 Curved Gammerus - Hook only (#2)

While being an excellent hook for gammarus imitations it’s also very popular for bait fish imitations and there’s been quite a demand for larger sizes for pike, bass, perch etc., so we added them and they’ve been well received.

The beautiful speyhackled Dunked Spey tied by Lars Chr. Bentsen on the HR410.

The Ahrex HR 410 Tying Single has so far been available from #1-8. The HR 410 is our bid on a classic, black up-eye, loop-eye salmon hook, so it was natural to add to the family. We added a 2/0 and a 1/0, so that those who still like and prefer to tie larger flies on lighter wire hooks have that option. The HR 410 is a good choice for low water style flies and doesn’t look too shabby with a spey-dressing on it either. And as if that wasn’t enough, the extremely hot low water conditions of the 2018 Scandinavian summer also showed us that there’s a place in the world for an even smaller version, which is why we also added a #10.

Ahrex HR490B ED Tying Treble Black Finish - Hook only - Art-01 (#8)
For those low water situations and rivers, where smaller flies are the order of the day, we also slipped another new hook in, under the radar. We’ve added a classic Esmond Drury-style tying treble to the Home Run-series, and since we often seem to have a little trouble limiting ourselves, we decided that black wasn’t enough, so we also added gold and silver. The HR 490 is available from #6-14. The HR 490 is good for many styles of flies – the Icelandic Frances of course spring to mind, but you should also take a look at the Fiery Brown Spey by Swedish legend, Mikael Lindström here:

And while we were still in low water mode, we thought we’d slip in a classic, low water double as well. This is a straight shank double (contrary to our HR 420 Progressive Double, which has a curve to it) and the shank is longer than our HR 428, which is also a straight shank double, but with a noticeably shorter shank. The HR 424 Classic Low Water Double is available in black only and comes in #4-14.

Green & Silver by Håkan Karsnäser-01
The Classic Low Water Double – the HR424 – is used by Håkan Karsnäser to tie his Green & Silver.

Winter is approaching fast on the Northern Hemisphere, and that means tying season for many, and if you need inspiration, please consider taking a look at our YouTube-channel. You’ll find nearly a hundred videos, featuring different fly tiers and minute dries and giant streamers and everything in between.