Rag Worms

A real “trout-snack” – photo: Henrik Kure Nielsen.

They are big, they can bite you, some find them quite unappealing and yet, the first big hatches of bag worms are the events all saltwater fiy fishers in Scandinavia look forwards to. There are many, many different species in different sizes and colours, but the sea trout aren’t picky – they eat them all.

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Ragworm season coming up – let’s get some hackles spinning

Omoe Brush

Ok, it’s still winter around here. We are going into another cold front, that should supply snow, frozen lakes, running noses and cabin fever. But spring is on our doorstep. In Southern Scandinavia that means seatrout will be back on the coast after the breeding season. It also means that the ragworms will start their breeding season – and as a seatrout fisherman that is not something you should miss out on. That is the start of a regular saltwater fishing bonanza. Continue reading “Ragworm season coming up – let’s get some hackles spinning”