SA250 – Shrimp

SA250 – Shrimp The SA Shrimps is carried over from the NS150 Shrimp in the Nordic Salt-series. We’ve modified the bend slightly and opened the hook gap a little, making the hook very well suited for shrimp flies for bonefish and other species, as well as bend-back designs. A-Steel Finish Available in size 2 – 8. … Continue reading “SA250 – Shrimp”

A simple but classy shrimp – and one for the dark side

Shrimps are popular among saltwater fish… and fly tiers as well. We have seen a lot of extraordinary elaborate shrimps on this blog over the last couple of years. Some of these are pure art on a hook.

AHREX – Amber Shrimp – tied by Morten Jensen

Does the world really need more shrimp patterns? Well… sure it does. And if for some reason you should doubt that statement, all you gotta do is check out todays fly tying sbs, where Danish fly tier and fly fisherman Morten Jensen ties his Amber Shrimp.

AHREX – PT Zonker Shrimp – by Per Tofting

A shrimp fly that is easy to tie and works just fabulous in the water. Good choice for sea trout and salmon in cold and stained water – and in peat coloured streams as well. Tied by Per Tofting.