George F. Grant Nymph

Black & Tan Featherback Nymph orginally George F. Grant Nymph tied by John L. Rasmussen

The world of fly tying is amazing. We never finish discovering new techniques, finding new materials or a new way of using already known materials. Even as a manufacturer of hooks for flytying, we never finish developing new models – and fortunately for that.

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Inspiration – from books, people and waters


Ok… we share practical tips on fly tying, fishing related stuff and present some of the coolest fly tiers on the planet on our blog. We’ve even talked about the passion. Today I will talk inspiration. What makes you tick as a fly tier and fly fisherman?

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Armchair angling – and the three Demons from Montana


It’s that time of year. You know… the air is filled with snowflakes, Christmas trees, shopping center santas, calendars, secrets and stuff. It’s also that season, where you find yourself wondering just how many muddlers or bass bugs you can tie using the hair from 8 reindeer :0) Continue reading “Armchair angling – and the three Demons from Montana”