Armchair angling – and the three Demons from Montana


It’s that time of year. You know… the air is filled with snowflakes, Christmas trees, shopping center santas, calendars, secrets and stuff. It’s also that season, where you find yourself wondering just how many muddlers or bass bugs you can tie using the hair from 8 reindeer :0)

If you live in the cold north and don’t fancy ice fishing – fly tying just might get you through the winter – spiced up with fishing, when condition allows. And there’s always the pleasure of armchair angling with a good book or a video from seasons past. A comfortable position near the fireplace and a cup of something hot or boozy doesn’t hurt in that sport :0)

So winter is here, and it ain’t all bad. One of the pleasures of diving into great books is the opportunity to go fishing with past or present masters – and find new flies or rediscover some old favourites.


An oldie that recently has had a revival among Scandinavian fly tiers is The Big Hole Demon. Cool variants shows up daily in my feed on Instagram and Facebook. So I decided to dig a little deeper in my library and on the big web. As it turned out there weren’t just one original – but at least three early versions of this classic Montana fly.

Read The Big Hole Demon – and the power of three right here…

Have a nice weekend :0)