All things toothy – new predator hooks

Firetiger Tube - Rigged - by Cheddomir-01 copyIf you like tying and tossing big hairy flies for bass or toothy critters like pike and musky we have got news for you: well new hooks anyway. We’ve added a couple of interesting products to our Predator Series.

One is a classic… and then there are a couple of small secrets that might surprise some of those tail snapping non-committing finicky predators.

Trailer hook on The Great White-03 copyFirst one up is the:


We already have a classic stinger, a light stinger (barbed and barbless) and a texas style streamer hook in the line up – but for those of you who love the classic looking Aberdeen bend on your hook, now we’ve got that as well. Specs: Straight eye, light wire, large hook gap, black nickel finish, chemically sharpened and with small barb. Available in size 1/0, 2/0, 3/0 & 4/0.  More info right here…

Pink Conehead Tube - Rigged - by Daniel D. Holm-01 copyAnd then there’s something for those short takers, tail nibblers and for special rigging for tubes and stuff.


Super strong and razor sharp trailer hooks, that will add some bite to those long winged predator flies. The PR382 is also perfect for making your own pike rigs for tube flies. Up eyed, heavy wire, large hook gap, black nickel finish, chemically sharpened and with a small barb. Available in size 1, 1/0, 2/0  More info right here…


Basically the same hook as PR382 – but in a barbless version.  More info right here…

All things toothy

If you want to know more about the full Predator line up, check it out here…

For fly tying video SBS go to our video section right here… or our YouTube channel.

If you want to see some of the awesome predator flies, that you guys send us from all over the world – well our Instagram profile is a great place to start.

The flies for this blog is tied by Daniel D. Holm, Cedomir Cheddo Kumanov and Morten Valeur.

Have a nice weekend :0)


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