Perch – new kid on the (streamer) block


Perch is one of the most popular freshwater gamefish in Scandinavia. At least for all-round anglers. Among fly fishermen though, trout, salmon and grayling reign as the classy targets, with the rich legacy of tradition, fly patterns and tons of classic literature. Continue reading “Perch – new kid on the (streamer) block”

Jack Gartside and the Sparrow – a Swiss Army Knife fly


The late Jack Gartside was a fly tier who came up with a tremendous amount of effective fishing flies – most of which were tied using relatively cheap and easily available materials. His classic Soft Hackle Streamer is a good example of his approach – and his equally effective Sparrow is another. Continue reading “Jack Gartside and the Sparrow – a Swiss Army Knife fly”

Jack Gartside – remembering a legend


Streamer fishing is gaining popularity in these years, and streamer fly tying is evolving fast. Every day creative tiers come up with new tying techniques, new tying materials and new patterns. Some of these flies might be the new classics and some might be gone in a few months. Continue reading “Jack Gartside – remembering a legend”

Playing with styles – translucency, colour and movement


Today I want to show you a style of fly that I’ve been playing with for a couple of years. It’s nothing revolutionary. Just a combination of elements that work well on flies tied for migratory fish.

Continue reading “Playing with styles – translucency, colour and movement”