Christmas greetings – and a rat’s tale


Another season is slowly transforming from memories and adding another layer of experience. It’s been a strange season on most of the northern hemisphere – with an extreme dry and warm summer. In Scandinavia we had wildfires and rivers running low and way to hot.

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Ahrex Freshwater Series – shipping to your favorite fly shop right now

Adams by Håkan Karsnäser-0-2

They are in the house! We are very happy to announce that the Ahrex Freshwater Series fly hooks arrived this week. In case you wonder what 3.5 million fly hooks look like – well… they take up real estate the size of your average classic VW hippie van – and they look absolutely great – well… if you are a bit nerdy I guess;0) Continue reading “Ahrex Freshwater Series – shipping to your favorite fly shop right now”

Daniel D. Holm ties a Janus Tobis


Last week we opened the lid to Pandora’s fly box a quarter of an inch… and leaked the news on our Freshwater Series hooks. We had a fabulous response from you guys on every social media platform – so thanks a lot for your support, for the ideas for new products and for being just as passionated about hooks as we are. Continue reading “Daniel D. Holm ties a Janus Tobis”