A love/hate relationship

I suppose there are many of those – I think all fly fishers have them, in one way or another. One of mine is definitely midges, mosquitoes, knot in Swedish – whatever you call them. Some of them are really small, bite and will at one point get under your clothing. And when they’re out, they’re usually out in bi-zillions. There are others that don’t bite, but they cal still be a nuisance when they hatch, because they always do so in great numbers. They do however also produce some really interesting, good and not least challenging fishing. Trout like feeding on them. One can wonder since they’re so small, but the numbers make them a good meal for a trout. Trout also know (well, trout don’t know anything, but you know what I mean) that especially as emergers they are an easy meal.

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Once you mention the phrase, “10 Must-Have-Flies”, that list is obviously going to be different depending on what you’re fishing for, when you’re fishing, where you’re fishing, weather conditions, water level, water clarity – and of course, who you ask. I think you understand – there are no “10 Must-Have_Flies” for anything. But there are of course flies you really should have and if you’re fishing trout and grayling, particularly in or around (but not restricted to) woods and wooded areas, an ant imitation is one of them.

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Mini Jigs and an Irish Classic


Winter is hitting Denmark this week, so fly tying is really the most obvious pastime around here at the moment. Last week we had ice free waters and fishing was pretty good though. This blog is kind of a patchwork with something old, new, borrowed… and well… pink. Let’s get to it. Continue reading “Mini Jigs and an Irish Classic”

Ahrex Hooks Blog – Your go-to resource


2018 is running deep into the backing right now, and today the blog is looking into… well, the blog. This is number 132. We haven’t missed one single Friday since day one. We are there for you every week of the year – including summer holidays, Christmas and New Year. If we aren’t anything else… we are dependable ;0)

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Freshwater Series update – and a Pheasant Tail X-Caddis

Håkan Karsnäser-06

In January this year the Ahrex Freshwater Series of fly hooks landed here at the headquarter. 3.5 million fly hooks did take up a lot of real estate – and we actually had to buy another store facility.

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Meet Andreas Lium – Fly tier, fly fisherman, philosopher and hook nerd


When we design new hooks, we try to do our research up front. That means checking out what’s already on the market? What works great – and what sucks. And how can we improve on already existing designs. And in all these tasks, we try to get the help from creative and innovative fly tiers.

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Curved Nymph hooks – and three new videos


Sun is slowly gaining more power as it rises higher for each day up here in the north. I our neck of the woods, waters are still open. Seatrout fishing is slow on most days, but late in the afternoon on sunny days… the shallows warms up a bit, and trout move in to feed. And… each day brings us closer to spring.

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Curves are sexy – case study on Ahrex FW510 and FW511

Egglaying Caddis - tied by Michael Jensen (1 of 1)

If you want to put some dangerous curves into your dry flies, try our FW510 hook – or FW511 if you want a barbless version. A lot of insects have a similar curve in their bodies when hatching, swarming or egg laying.

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Ahrex Freshwater Series – shipping to your favorite fly shop right now

Adams by Håkan Karsnäser-0-2

They are in the house! We are very happy to announce that the Ahrex Freshwater Series fly hooks arrived this week. In case you wonder what 3.5 million fly hooks look like – well… they take up real estate the size of your average classic VW hippie van – and they look absolutely great – well… if you are a bit nerdy I guess;0) Continue reading “Ahrex Freshwater Series – shipping to your favorite fly shop right now”