Season is over

For most in the Northern Hemisphere winter is either here or fast approaching. This doesn’t mean that fishing is over, but I believe that most of us fish a little less and some not at all, perhaps depending on how diverse you are in your fishing. Here in Scandinavia, lots of fly fishers fish for several different species. In the salt, early winter is actually a very good time to chase for one of the elusive, chrome sea trout that skip the spawning run. Pike are also in season and are hungry, busy feeding and getting ready for the slow winter months and cold water.

In some places you can still fish for grayling in the rivers and I know Englishmen who’ll brave the cold weather through the winter and fish when it’s possible. In Northern Scandinavia winter has set in and I guess that all still waters are frozen over and I’m not even sure if there are rivers open for fishing.

In any case, I’m sure that most fly fishers fish less during the winter and certainly there are more days, when fishing is impossible. That leaves you time to clean and lubricate the lines and reels that aren’t used during the winter, wipe off the rods, store them away and maybe even throw the waders in the washing machine? And of course, it leaves you time to restock the fly boxes that may be running on your favourite patterns.

Dreaming back to the salmonriver, here a classic Heggeli saved the day.

Perhaps even find space for a handful of new patterns you haven’t used before? Often tying one fly, I get the idea of tying another fly, I already have, but in a new colour combinations. Never tie just one. What if it turns out to be a fly that saves the day and then ends up in a three? Always tie four. One for fishing, one for the box, one for a tree and one to give away.

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