Videos – from Hansen, Lachmann and Brammer

Simple Baitfish by Coastfly

Simple Baitfish by Coastfly

Well, we’re back in the saddles… working on new hooks for you guys to dress up for all kinds of fun and action. For my part the summer holidays were spent hunting fish way up north in Scandinavia. Meanwhile some of our good friends made a couple of interesting videos. Continue reading “Videos – from Hansen, Lachmann and Brammer”

Ahrex news – June 2016

Summer really hit Scandinavia in this last week, and we have decided to make a short update on some of the stuff happening here at Ahrex headquarter right now. So you will find something about the name of our brand, a couple of interesting links, and sneak peeks into the pipeline… in case you wonder what we are up to next. So hang on. Here we go! Continue reading “Ahrex news – June 2016”

Video – Coastfly ties his Glass Shrimp

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of meeting Morten Hansen, a guy I until then only knew under his Instagram alias: coastfly. Morten turned out to be a super cool dude to spend a day with, especially since we both were into saltwater fly fishing, fly tying, rock’n’roll music and of all things: guitar playing :0) Continue reading “Video – Coastfly ties his Glass Shrimp”