Daniel D. Holm ties a Janus Tobis


Last week we opened the lid to Pandora’s fly box a quarter of an inch… and leaked the news on our Freshwater Series hooks. We had a fabulous response from you guys on every social media platform – so thanks a lot for your support, for the ideas for new products and for being just as passionated about hooks as we are. Continue reading “Daniel D. Holm ties a Janus Tobis”

Ahrex Hooks Freshwater Series – coming to a shop near you this year

Gray Deer Hair Caddis by Kim Mäki-03

You might have heard some buzz on social media already or picked up some vague hints in your fly shop or on the water. Word on the street is that something new is brewing in the Ahrex Hooks headquarter. We can confirm those rumors – and as good news travels fast… we guess it’s about time we make an official announcement :0) Continue reading “Ahrex Hooks Freshwater Series – coming to a shop near you this year”

Paul Monaghan – on predator flies, kayak fishing… and the passion

pb zander-1-3

Today you can meet UK based Paul Monaghan on our blog. He is an awesome streamer fly tier, and he makes some cool videos on fly tying and fly fishing. Coincidently today actually is Paul’s 45th birthday :0)

Since it is super interesting to get a British view on the streamer- and predator scene – I’ve asked Paul a bunch of questions. And I have found some cool videos from his YouTube channel as well. Here it goes! Continue reading “Paul Monaghan – on predator flies, kayak fishing… and the passion”

Chrome, silver and gold – making a home run

Stephan Male Cock Fish

They wander up rivers, streams and even the smallest creeks everywhere on the Northern Hemisphere right now: Trout, salmon and steelhead. In some regions salmon fishing is coming to an end – in others it isn’t. In Europe, and in Scandinavian especially, the sea run brown (called seatrout around here) is the prime target in the coming months. In freshwater this season will continue for 4-6 weeks. After that there’s still the salt. Very often we can fish for seatrout most of the winter in Southern Scandinavia.

Continue reading “Chrome, silver and gold – making a home run”

An Amber Shrimp for late season trout

Seatrout Summer by Morten Jensen-02

Does the world really need more shrimp patterns? Well… sure it does. And if for some reason you should doubt that statement, all you gotta do is check out todays fly tying sbs, where Danish fly tier and fly fisherman Morten Jensen ties his Amber Shrimp. Continue reading “An Amber Shrimp for late season trout”

Bloodsuckers and predators – leech tying lessons


Today we take a look at leeches, since some very effective fly patterns do a good job at imitating these segmented worms.

The majority of leeches live in freshwater environments, but some species can be found in terrestrial and marine environments. Most of us probably think of leeches as bloodsuckers – even though most species are predatory, feeding primarily by swallowing other invertebrates. With almost 700 species on a Global scale a large variety in size and colours are represented. Continue reading “Bloodsuckers and predators – leech tying lessons”

Gunnar Brammer – creative fly designer

All Spark by Gunnar Brammer-02

Gunnar Brammer of Duluth, Minnesota is a guy that just continues to come up with cool streamer designs. His ability to combine elements and inspirations from many sources into new designs is impressive. Continue reading “Gunnar Brammer – creative fly designer”

We produce more than just fly hooks


63 blog entries with portraits of cool fly tiers, new tying techniques, fishing reports, hook news and inspirational fly tying art from fly tiers around the world.

40 videos on YouTube. Mostly tying sbs and fly tying stuff, but very soon with more fly fishing films and film sharing short practical tips on anything related to fly tying and fly fishing. Continue reading “We produce more than just fly hooks”

New cool attractor dry flies from Ruben Martin


This week we have chosen to put the spotlight on our Argentine friend, Ruben Martin. We have showcased some of his flies before, but Ruben just keeps cranking out good stuff, so revisiting his YouTube channel is always worth doing. First though, here’s a short presentation of the man.

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