Winter and spring fly boxes – how to avoid cabin fever


We are at midwinter here on the Northern Hemisphere right now – and trout season is opening in a week in some of the Danish rivers. Saltwater fishing for sea run browns is on all year round – and there’s also some cool predator fishing waiting out there if you don’t mind the cold and dark weather. So things aren’t really tough around here. No need to complain. Continue reading “Winter and spring fly boxes – how to avoid cabin fever”

Meet Austin Green – fisherman, photographer, cinematographer and guide


Today we aim the spotlight on Austin Green, a Maryland resident that toggles the balance between being a talented photographer/filmmaker and a fly fisherman with a heavy bias towards large toothy predators. Continue reading “Meet Austin Green – fisherman, photographer, cinematographer and guide”

Happy New Year – Looking back… and forward

Rügen Ralswiek LCB-11 copy

In the start of 2016 Ahrex Hooks set out on a pretty simple mission. Our plan was to design and produce some cool fly hooks and to build a brand that stood out and made a mark in a very traditional business.

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From all of us – to all of you


Christmas is here, but the kettles are still boiling at the Ahrex Hooks headquarter. We have one of our favourite Swedish streamer dudes, Andreas Andersson in the house in these days – and we are doing a lot of new films with Andreas, while he is here.

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Jack Gartside – remembering a legend


Streamer fishing is gaining popularity in these years, and streamer fly tying is evolving fast. Every day creative tiers come up with new tying techniques, new tying materials and new patterns. Some of these flies might be the new classics and some might be gone in a few months. Continue reading “Jack Gartside – remembering a legend”

Low life in high… and cold… water

Booby Rainbow_

Think weedless flies, and I guess you see images of surface popper fishing in lily pads on a warm summer day passing through your mind. If you live on the southern hemisphere that even might be an option right now. If you life in the north… well summer surface action seems light years away right now, as we are getting close to winter Solstice. But using weedless flies or weedless fishing techniques still make a lot of sense.

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The Destination Articulation Fly Tying Contest – tie, snap a photo and win

Destination Articulation Fly Tying Contest_Instagram poster

Heads-up guys. Christmas is coming early this year! You’ve got the chance to win a Taylor Fly Fishing Revolution Fly Reel, an Ahrex Hooks Super Pack, a Renzetti Traveler 2000 Vise, an Orvis Helios3 9-foot 5-weight Fly Rod and a bunch of cool products from Flymen Fishing Company.

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Inspiration – from books, people and waters


Ok… we share practical tips on fly tying, fishing related stuff and present some of the coolest fly tiers on the planet on our blog. We’ve even talked about the passion. Today I will talk inspiration. What makes you tick as a fly tier and fly fisherman?

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