We produce more than just fly hooks


63 blog entries with portraits of cool fly tiers, new tying techniques, fishing reports, hook news and inspirational fly tying art from fly tiers around the world.

40 videos on YouTube. Mostly tying sbs and fly tying stuff, but very soon with more fly fishing films and film sharing short practical tips on anything related to fly tying and fly fishing.

1076 posts on Instagram, showcasing some of our own flies, but mostly sharing inspiration and cool flies from tiers everywhere.

Around 150 posts on Facebook. Mostly small photo galleries and sharing stuff from our other medias.

It’s all there for your info, entertainment and inspiration. And actually you guys have been the driving force behind most of the content. Thanks a lot for being awesome: For your creativity behind the vice, for your generosity in sharing your ideas and cool tying techniques… and not least thanks for supporting our brand.

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Our secondary production

We have been in business one and a half years give or take, so this Friday doesn’t mark any sharp corners or jubilees or anything. Nevertheless I am taking the opportunity to tell you something about our secondary production here at Ahrex Hooks.

Our main focus is production of fly hooks, but from day one we decided that we wanted to produce more than just that. There weren’t any shortage of hook brands on the marked, so we knew that we had to do things differently to be noticed.

Our plan was to tie some cool flies that could inspire and tease some interest – and use social media to spread the word. What we hadn’t planned was the overwhelming interest in our hooks and the positive response we received from fly tiers all over the world.

Very fast the task of producing content to our social media turned out to be just as important to us as the work on designing new hooks. So we keep both of these snowballs rolling – and so far there haven’t been any lack of ideas for new content.

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Tips on using our search function

When we released our new website design 9 months ago – the plan was to make it more user friendly. We wanted to build a large base of info on all things Ahrex Hooks. We also wanted to integrate the website better with our other social media platforms – currently YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

So if you want some inspiration for your next tying session or just feel an urge to go deeper on a subject, use the search function on our blog. Here are a couple of examples:

Shrimp: gives you 34 blog entries, crammed with cool shrimp fly photos, videos, tying recipes, themes and links to other shrimp resources.

NS150: Gives you 10 results. This includes hook release news, product spec. sheets, articles and videos (the Pattegrisen etc.).

Trout Predator: 37 results. Tips and sbs videos on tying and fishing big streamers (articulated and not) for large predatory trout.

Pike: 29 blog entries, with tying videos, impressive catches and lots of water splashing and teeth.

Make your own search… and discover a lot of inspiration. Anyway… keep it up guys… and so shall we.

Have a nice weekend :0)