It’s show time!

BFFI Ahrex 2020-03

Last weekend we attended there British Fly Fair international, which was, as always, an excellent and very well organised event.

Our most sincere thanks to Bridgette and Steve Cooper and all the volunteers for putting on a great event that we sincerely enjoyed being a part of. And of course another and big thanks to each and every visitor who came by to have a chat, check out the hooks and give us more ideas to work with.

We enjoy the BFFI very much and we look forward to being there again next year.

2020 Logo

The headline of this blog is literal, because it is showtime. This weekend we’re off again – this time to Italy to be a part of “Pescare – fishing, boating & outdoor show” – check it out here

Pescare - Stefano Ticchiati & Omar 2019-01
Stefano Ticchiati talking hooks at the 2019 Show

Even though Denmark has had the warmest winter in 147 years, the weather hasn’t been nice at all the last 3 weeks with one stormfront following the other with loads of rain. So it’ll be nice to get down south to where the weather is hopefully just a little better. If you want to come and say hi (and we really do hope that you will) find us with Il Gatto Con Gli Stimuli.

Box of Surf Canidies by Stefano Ticchiati-01
Box of Surf Canidies by Stefano Ticchiati.

A lot of our italian friends are tying at the show – come and meet:

Pescare - Matteo Ghizzo 2019-01
Matteo Ghizzo behind the vice – doing magic.
Pescare - Enrico Fantasia 2019-01
Stay focused – Enrico Fantasia.
Pescare - Giovanni de Pace 2019-01
Giovanni de Pace explaining tricks on his masterpieces.
Pescare - Fabio Gasperoni 2019-01
Fabio Gasperoni in love with his costume pike-cap.
Pescare - Fabio Federighi 2019-01
Fabio Federighi doing a lession.
Pescare - Loris Zecchinello 2019-01
Loris Zecchinello – deeply focused.

At the stand you can meet Morten Valeur and Håkan Karsnäser from Ahrex.

Pescare - Giovanni de Pace 2019-02
Stunning work by Giovanni de Pace.

Hope to see you there!

Have a great weekend!