Denmark Fishing Lodge

Fyn - DFL 20-07-01-03

On southern Fyn (the isle in the middle of Denmark, which happens to have some extraordinarily good sea trout fishing) you’ll find a rarity – at least in Denmark. No, it is in fact something as ordinary as a fishing lodge. There plenty of fishing lodges around the world, and yet, Denmark Fishing Lodge on the edge of Helnæs Bay on Fyn was the first, full-service fishing lodge in Denmark.

Fyn - DFL 20-07-41

The lodge is run and owned by our good friend, Omar Gade and his wife. They offer everything you expect from a fishing lodge. Most importantly of course being expert advice and guiding service.

Denmark Fishing Lodge 2.0 - 20-07-23

Right now, Omar and his team are working hard to re-open the lodge in a new location (very close to the old one). They are transforming an old thatched roof timber frame building to a luxury lodge with a full service Italian cuisine kitchen. Once back in operation they will have a range of opportunities ranging from the mentioned full service with guiding and meals, and “down to just” booking a room.

Denmark Fishing Lodge 2.0 - 20-07-24

Denmark Fishing Lodge 2.0 - 20-07-11

Why do we talk about this on the blog? Well, Morten and Omar are good friends and in so many ways, one has to admire the entrepreneurship. Guiding in general is a tough job as people expect some sort of succes, but even if Fyn has good sea trout fishing to offer, guiding for sea trout requires an exceptional level of local knowledge, because it’s not easy to catch sea trout in the salt. Just like starting a hook brand, I think it almost takes a certain amount of naivety to succeed, so we feel we’re on common ground in that respect.

Denmark Fishing Lodge 2.0 - 20-07-04

The fishing, the lodge, the cuisine, the Italian hospitality are all in all a great experience and we can’t wait for the new lodge to open. We look forward to booking a weekend and just go fishing for our selves (and maybe test a new hook – who knows?) and we’ll also be using and booking the lodge for Ahrex-purposes. Weekend clinics, product presentations and more.

Fyn - DFL 20-07-01-14

Morten went down for a visit, just to say hi and see the new facilities (yes, of course they went fishing too) and these are pictures from that visit. We’ll be dropping a line and a picture in the blogs now and then and keep track on the progress, so stay tuned if you’re also waiting for Denmark Fishing Lodge to re-open. I know many of their regulars have been waiting.