New Release – FW 554/555 CZ Mini Jig Hook

_Pink Jig by Håkan Karsnäser-01a

Pink Jig by Håkan Karsnäser on FW554 CZ Mini Jig.

Yes, another hook release – believe it or not. We’ve been busy! This time it’s a new jig-hook. We of course already have a jig hook – the FW 550/551. So what’s the big difference, I hear you ask? Well, that takes about as long time to answer as it does to ask the question. Hook length!

_FW555 & FW551 # 10-02

On top is the FW551 Mini Jig and FW555 CZ Mini Jig – both size 10.

The shank is longer on the FW 554/555 than on the 550/551. If we compare a #10, the 554/555 is 18.20mm long, a 550/551 is 14.63mm long. Wire diameter, hook gape and eye diameter are the same. And one more difference – the new 554/555 comes in size 10 down to a mini size 18 (and the 550/551 goes up to a size 2 and doesn’t come smaller than a size 14).

_Ahrex FW554 CZ Mini Jig

The CZ Mini Jig comes like all the other in the FreshWater-series in both barbed (554) and barbless (555).

So in general you’ll get flies with a slightly longer body on the new FW554/555, which is desirable on some imitations (for instance mayfly nymphs and cased caddis imitations). Both hooks of course serve the same, general purpose – fishing deep and losing less flies!

With just a minimum of tension on the leader, your fly will ride hook-point-up almost all the time, while other nymphs of will tumble more. This is achieved due to the bent and up-turned eye. And remember that only a slotted bead will slide all the way up to hook eye. And when it does, it’ll also help the fly “stand on its head” which also reduces snagging.

_Hares Ear Jig Variant by Søren Flarup-01

Hares Ear Jig Variant by Søren Flarup on FW555 CZ Mini Jig.

Most fly fishers fish these flies (some teams of them) short-nymphing-style and if you have appropriate water for that style, it’s extremely effective once you learn it (it’s not as easy as it looks). But jig nymphs are also effective for “normal-longer-line” dead-drifting a nymph, so don’t be restricted.

Happy Jiggin’

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