New Release – HR412 Low Water Single

Home Run – either something to be achieved in base ball or a hook series from Ahrex. We prefer the latter, and the name of course refers to the fact the the Home Run-series is designed for anadromous fish. Fish that are born in freshwater, migrate to sea and return to spawn years later. Anadromous fish include atlantic salmon, steelhead and in general, most salmon species as far as I know.

Norwegian Salmon by Peter Birch Christensen.

One exception is land locked atlantic salmon that are found here and there. The two, huge Swedish lakes, Vänern and Vättern both play host to land locked atlantic salmon, but the mechanism is basically the same. They are born in adjacent rivers and drop down into the more abundant food chamber of these huge lakes and return to the river to spawn. We call it their Home Run!

We of course already have several hooks in the Home Run-series. Doubles, singles, trailers, tube hooks and more – check out the whole series here.

We had one low water single already – the HR 410, which basically has the same design has the heavier HR 414. To add the classic look we made the HR 410 black, where the HR 414 is our signature gun metal finish.

The Carron tied by Lars Chr. Bentsen.

We have been looking at releasing a hook with a bit more bend in the design, something a bit closer to a traditional spey hook, where the back part of the shank drops a little. The new HR 412 is exactly that.

The HR412 – Low Water Single

As a salmon hook should be, it’s of course a loop eye and the HR 412 is with a high upwards angle on the eye. It’s an elegant looking hook (but of course, we would say that) that is suitable for a number of different flies. Everything from frame-quality classics to modern hairwings.

The Undertaker tied by Søren Flarup.

The hook is in stock, packed and available now at your favourite dealer and comes in size 2-8.

The first video with this hook is also on our YouTube-channel. Mathias Ibsen tying a modern, hairwing low water fly.

We hope you like it.