Two books

Today we would like to present you with two books, both very recent releases. We all like fish and one is on fish and fish alone and is a quite spectacular project. The other is about flies and we all like flies.

Stefan Enevoldsen is the owner of Fiskeshopen in Mörrum and the person behind the book-project “Mörrum – the best flies”.

Fiskeshopen in Mörrum, in Blekinge, Sweden, is a well known shop that I think anyone who’s visited Mörrum is familiar with. It’s hard to come around. They have all the relevant tackle, they feely share tips and tricks, locations and how to fish and up-to-date information on flies to use, water levels, temperature etc. Fiskeshopen is the publisher of the book, “Mörrum – the best flies”. The title is self explanatory. There’s an introduction by Stefan Enevoldsen, owner of Fiskeshopen and the book is written and photographed by Peter Lyngby. Thirteen well know profiles from the banks of the river have been interviewed and they share tips and their favourite flies. The book is well written, photographed and laid out, so if you’re you planning a trip, or maybe you’re just interested, this book is well worth a read. The book has been sponsored by Nám Products, Future Fly, Scott, Hardy, Simms, Pure Fishing, Simms, Scientific Anglers – and Ahrex Hooks.

The book is available here: Mörrum the best flies

We have had Stefan end his collegaue Erik to visit us in our studio to tie some of the flies from the book. In this video Stefan is tying the Banana Lookalike. More will follow – stay tuned.

The other book is “Fisk – scaled up”, Fisk simply means Fish. The book is a result of a large scale project, which Søren Skarby managed to get funding for. Søren produced ultra high resolution photos of 27 Danish fish species. Søren Skarby is a professional press photographer and has been freelance for some 30 years. Apart from offering beautiful photos of the 27 fish, the book describes the habitat and behaviour of each fish. Even though it’s a large book in a high quality print, the reader can’t get the full experience of the ultra high resolution. The project was originally intended two exhibitions, where the photos were exhibited on big, 2 by 3 meter prints and they are now available in book form.

If you want to see the incredible resolution and quality of the photos (and I really suggest that you do), take a look at Skarby’s website, where all the photos are published – with a zoom function. There’s a short movie, where Søren tells about the project and the challenges of creating the high resolution photos.
Check it out here: FISK Scaled-up

The Great Weever is a very common fish in Denmark during the summer, and people are afraid of the fish due to the poison spines. But take a closer look at the amazing fish through Sørens excellent photos and zoom-in function on the website. Absolutely stunning.

The sad fact is that the waters around Denmark is in a poor state and that is one of the many, environmental problems, Søren hopes to create awareness of with the book.