Meet our Nightwatchman

Woah, it’s Friday again – and that probably means that a lot of you guys are having a couple of days off – to go fishing, arranging your socks in color order, joining a rave party… or what ever makes you tick :0)

But there’s one dude that doesn’t relax when there’s a job to be done – and that’s the Nightwatchman. There are lots of predators out there, especially when darkness approaches – and well somebody has to do the rounds, and take hand of these bad boys and girls.

The Nightwatchman is my own pattern, and quite a favorite for low light conditions. He will take down any scumbag lurking in the dark alleys between weedbeds and on the edges of rocky drop-offs.

He’s dressed dark and a bit flashy, which seems to turn pike on.  Large pike are always girls you know. And as Billy Gibbons told us long ago: Every girl’s crazy bout a sharp dressed man :0)

At the same time, the Nightwatchman is a great crossover pattern. Just alter the hook to suit whatever species you are targeting. For pike I mostly use the Ahrex PR320 Predator Stinger – and for a scaled down trout version I like the NS115 Deep Streamer or the NS122 Light Stinger depending on water conditions and the size of fish I’m likely to bump into.

See full video SBS on the Nightwatchman along with some underwater swimming action right here….

And there’s more

If you feel hungry for more tying inspiration, our friend Gunnar Brammer just released a video tutorial on his Allspark, a super cool baitfish streamer tied on the Ahrex PR351 Light Predator, barbless. Gunnar uses his custom made predator dubbing brushes as well as fishmask and bodytubing on this fly.  Check it out:

Have a nice weekend