A variety of Sculpins

A heat wave hit Denmark this week. While clear sunny skies tend to slow fishing down – especially for trout and other cold-water species – I guess we all could need to soak up some sun before entering the Nordic winter.

Anyway, today we take a closer look at sculpins. These subdued coloured fish are often dwelling on the bottoms of water bodies. The family counts more than 750 species worldwide. Size and colour vary considerably, and sculpins often take on the colour of their environment.  On sand flats you will find tan sculpins and in weedy rivers they might be olive or green.  Some sculpins are brownish or all black, but most are mottled in a variety of colours.

Sculpins inhabit just about any water – whether it’s freestone rivers, lakes, brackish tide pools or oceanic saltwater. The species, names and colours change, but the basic outline of a sculpin is more or less the same. A humped back and a flat underside.

Tie a basic Woolhead Sculpin

You can tie some very elaborate sculpin flies using fur, feathers, flash and sculpin helmets – and most of them are pretty cool.

My favourite sculpin is super simple – using one material only, not counting the 3D eyes and an Ahrex NS110, NS115 or NS122 depending on the fishing condition and species I chase. Most often I use the NS115, Deep Streamer.

Check out the full tying SBS on the Woolhead Sculpin V2.

Ahrex Hooks YouTube channel updated

While you are at it, take time to check out Ahrex Hooks YouTube channel.  We have arranged our videos in playlist – and added videos from some of our friends.

Have a nice weekend :o)