Henrik Kure Nielsen ties a Chartreuse Zonker

A month ago we promised you lot’s of new saltwater fly tying videos – and now it’s time for us to deliver. This very first full-length video from our Nordic Salt fly tying session features the fabulous Mr Henrik Kure. Henrik is (in his own words) a zonkerholic, so in this video he is doing his magic with a zonker strip cut from one of the funky freaks of nature: the chartreuse pine squirrel :0)

Henrik use this fly for chasing silvery sea run brown trout (seatrout) in saltwater, but there’s no reason why it should not work equally well for just about any predator in salt- as well as freshwater. So give it a try.

Check out the Chartreuse Zonker video right here:

And there’s more where this came from

If you totally missed out the earlier blog on the collaboration with our friends from Danish magazine, Sportsfiskeren – you can see what it’s all about in this video:

Scandinavian readers can enjoy an article about Henrik and his zonker addiction in the new issue of Sportsfiskeren.

Have a nice weekend:0)