Mathias Rosenmejer Ibsen ties a White Mysis

Today we have a new video from our Nordic Salt Session ready for you. The fly is a Mysis imitation tied by Mathias Rosenmejer Ibsen from

Mysidae is a large family of crustaceans, with over 1000 species found worldwide. They are very common in saltwater and brackish water environments – and also found in deep lakes in many parts of the world, including the northern parts of Scandinavia and Great Lakes area in USA.

Mathias is a creative fly tier and an experienced fly fisherman and guide. He uses his Mysis flies for saltwater fishing for sea trout during late summer, fall and winter. He fishes it slow, especially in cold water, and use a long leader with a thin tippet. This fly is super effective when trout are selective and play hard to get.

You can see Mathias tie his White Mysis here:

Brackish water – teeming with life

You might also want to check out the new blog on my website. In it I focus on the biotopes that can be found where the river meets the sea. It’s kind of a photo essay – with a short video as well. We take a look under the surface in a brackish water environment, and you can see how scuds, mysis and baitfish behave and swim. The video also shows the importance of adding eyes to your streamer flies :0)

Check out my blog and video here:

Have a nice weekend :0)