Lars Christian Bentsen ties an Iceabou Tobis

Sandeels are long slender baitfish that inhabit sandy and gravely coastal environments. They gather in large shoals and can hide in the sand, while resting. When they do swim though, they are agile and super fast.And speeding or hiding might not be all that stupid cause sandeels tend to get a lot of attention. Most saltwater predators rate the flashy baitfish as a delicacy. A lot of birds do as well.

This week Danish fly fisherman and fly tier Lars Christian Bentsen has made a video where he shows how to tie his Iceabou Tobis. He also put the fly to good use in the video.

You might want to tie a bunch of these. Sea trout like them as well as cod, mackerel, sea bass, flounders and lots of other species. And… watch out for those birds :0)

Check out the Iceabou Tobis right here:

Have a nice weekend :0)