Per Tofting ties a PT STF Fishspine

IMG_0107If you want your streamers to swim, undulate and downright act like a tasty and delicious baitfish, you will love today’s video from our Nordic Salt Session earlier this year.

This time we present Per Tofting’s PT STF Fishspine. Per is a great fan of Blane Chocklett’s Game Changers, and as soon as he showed me, and the rest of the team, how these flies swim in the current – we turned into believers as well.

On this fly Per wanted to downscale the Game Changer to a something like 2-3 inches. Finding the first original Chocklett’s Body Wrap too bulky on small flies, he came up with a fly using synthetic fibres in a dubbing loop. Per use the Magic Tool for making a composite loop.

The PT STF Fishspine is tied on Flymen Fishing Company’s Fish-Spine shanks with an Ahrex NS172 hook up front. A nice little trick in this video is the technique Per use for building a tail fin using STF fibres and Loon Outdoor UV-glue. Cool detail.

The Nordic Salt Session was made in collaboration with Sportsfiskeren (DSF).

Check out the video right here….


More hungry?

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Have a nice weekend :0)