Scandinavian salt in January – chasing silver

Skåne Sølv-01 Photo by Jon Hansson

There’s something exiting about uncorking a brand new season. New trips are in the pipeline. New flies. And new opportunities. Right now this season has the potential to be your best ever… or the worst ;0)

Anyway, great things can happen when you are out there on the waters – and they probably will. Around here in the Southern part of Scandinavia the season starts pretty cold. Strong winds and temperatures bouncing up over and down below freezing.

There’s nothing unusual in that. Most days we have open water to fish somewhere along the coastline, the lakes and the rivers. And a few days we don’t.

The saltwater season has come off to a good start in Denmark and Southern Sweden so far, though – with some beautiful silver armoured brown trout grabbing our flies.

Mariager - John Rasmussen-03a


Slow and deep

Even though there are plenty of trout along the coastline, they can play hard to get. The cold water slows everything down. Trout, as well as their prey, are on low metabolism – and they don’t move fast. So a slow and deep retrieve can be the way to go – often letting the fly hoover motionless above the bottom.

Mariager Fjordørred 19-01-08


Imitative and not

Often a bit of experimentation pays off. I normally start out with close imitations of scuds, shrimps or sculpins. If that doesn’t turn heads down there, I serve a more flashy offering. For some reasons, that no one really is able to explain, pink is the hottest colour for winter fishing in Denmark. Downsizing can be a strategy as well, when meaty offerings don’t pay off.

Box-shrimpflies-hooks-01 - Photo by Henrik Kure

When you find the fish, there’s usually more than one. Sea trout travels in packs this time of year. In Denmark only the silvery fish are legal prey right now. Any coloured trout should be released as fast as possible.

CDL - Poor Mans Pigling - Fl. Pink by Mathias Ibsen-01

Pink Back Fat Scud by Agne Sjöberg-02

When everything freezes up

If things go bad – and hell freezes over – there’s allways fly tying to get you through the winter. I have selected a couple of videos with some cool winter flies. Check out our range of Nordic Salt hooks and our video section for salt water flies  for more inspiration.

The Quidd - Photy by Jon Hansson

I have also thrown in a bunch of images of winter coastal fishing in Scandinavia.

Photo credits: Morten Valeur, Jon Hansson, Henrik Kure Nielsen

Flies tied by: Jon Hansson, Henrik Kure Nielsen, Mathias Ibsen, Agne Sjöberg

Hope you enjoy!







Have a nice weekend :0)