Summer tip… better than aircondition – try some surface action

Popper on surface

Right now we are experiencing a short heat wave in Europe. Yesterday the temperature neared 110 degrees in Paris. The same was true of Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands, as a dangerous heat wave scorched Western Europe. Even up here in Scandinavia – things are getting pretty steamy. Since it happens pretty seldom, our houses usually don’t have air condition systems. But then again, there’s no need sitting inside while all hope is out.

FrogAnd what we have are a lot of lakes, ponds and big lazy rivers: Cool places to hang out – when the heat is on. Grab a sturdy fly rod, a floating line, a bunch of surface bugs, your favourite watercraft: belly boat, pontoon boat, kayak, canoe or a full blown predator boat – and get out on the water.

With cooling lake breezes, refreshments in the cooler box and your feet in the water, you are in for an exciting day of top water fishing.

From below


And, if you need inspiration for some cool bugs for hot surface action, here are a couple of suggestions:


Svend Diesel ties The STP Frog Fly

Our US based friend Svend Diesel, who actually has Danish ancestors, makes some cool foam frogs, using a specialized foam cutting tool.

Svend says: “The Cutter, although expensive for the set, dramatically saves time at the vice and makes a more uniform frog pattern – especially when matching up two different colours onto the shank of the hook.  Tie some up and fish in your favourite colours of foam and legs. I don’t usually put eyes on, but it adds to the realism for the fisherman.”

The Recipe:

  • Hook: Ahrex TP610 #2
  • Thread: Semperfli flytying Floro Waxed thread 8/0
  • Weed Guard: 30 lb Mono
  • Foam: 2mm foam in two colors
  • Legs: 1 Tab of rubber legs
  • Eyes: Not necessary, but craft store rattle eyes


Cool bugs and a podcast from Ammo Flies  

Australian based Chris Adams is a pro tier that ties custom flies based on his clients inputs. You can order flies from Ammo Flies or just drop by his Instagram or Facebook profile for some great inspiration on all things streamers, saltwater- and surface flies. Chris is a fabulous tier, so check him out. I’ve grabbed a couple of pictures from his Facebook page as a sneak peek.

And if you need some entertaining podcasts for your summer vacation, check out the Ammo Flies podcast. Chris and a couple of friends takes you on fly fishing adventures. This week’s topic is Australia’s favourite vermin, the hillbilly bonefish aka Carp.

In Chris’ own word: “Get ready for thick Australian accents, plenty of Australian slang and bad jokes. You find it here:

Ammo Flies frog

Find Ammo Flies on:




Andreas Andersson ties a Dahlberg Diver

And from our archives: a video where another deer hair master, Andreas Andersson competently covers a Predator Stinger hook with belly hair from a whitetail deer. Andreas actually once had the chilling experience of tying a Dahlberg Diver at a show – while the master himself, Larry Dahlberg was watching over his shoulder. Kind of scary… but probably not to our cool Swedish Viking :0)


Have a nice weekend :0)