Ahrex on Greenland

Erfalik - Thomas Arctic Char 19-08-20

Ok, as you might have heard, Ahrex Hooks cofounders Morten and Søren visited Greenland earlier this month. Back then I promised to get back with a report on that trip, so this is it. Morten has selected a bunch of photos – and I’ve had a chat with Søren. Here is the report in Søren’s own words:

Erfalik - Søren Fisker 19-08-12

“We had a great trip to magnificent Greenland. We stayed on a newly build lodge called Erfalik. The fishing was pristine and unspoiled, since fishing pressure is low. Only locals fish here, and they don’t take more fish than they need for the household. Combined with catch and release practice from the visiting anglers – there’s not much impact on the massive run of beautiful arctic char.

Erfalik - Thomas Arctic Char 19-08-81

As our host, Thomas Søbirk from Getaway Flyfishing says, “This is not the usual story about how good things were before. Yesterday is now, and fishing has never been better.”

Erfalik - Søren Flarup - Arctic Char 19-08-23

The average size of these fish was 22 inches – so they sure put up a struggle on a 5 weight outfit. Most type of flies worked fine: nymphs, streamers like small SID’s and mini jigs – but the most adrenaline pumping action was definitively skating large foam flies on the surface.

Erfalik - Søren Flarup - Arctic Char 19-08-01

These char often bulged several meters behind the fly before they hammered it like a pike.

Foamfly 19-08-20

A lot of times, they just followed the fly. Pushing it, without engaging completely. But often enough they sucked it in.

FFE WWL-Scott 19-08-03

And summer in Greenland! Man, it’s just a beautiful landscape to be in.

Erfalik Landscape 19-08-01


New book from Barry Ord Clarke

Master fly tyer Barry Ord Clarke has released a new book, and as most things from the hands of the fabulous Feather Bender, this is a piece of useful art. Here is a bit of info on the new release:

The Feather Bender’s Flytying Techniques is a ground-breaking fly tying book.


It is the first to have a QR code/YouTube link for every single pattern demonstrated. You can now watch the whole process online then turn to the matching chapter in the book to find the recipe and follow all the step-by-step instructions so that you can tie your own fly in your own time.

It has an online link with the author. And you can contact Barry direct if you run into any difficulties! He will respond to all questions.

The book’s focus is on techniques: Barry demonstrates with crystal-clear photographs his own ‘takes’ on how to tie your own excellent flies – simply and quickly!

You can buy the book right here: http://www.merlinunwin.co.uk/bookdetails.asp?bookid=210


Have a nice weekend :0)