Yes, we’re not done releasing new hooks this fall, and today we’re releasing a really exciting project.

Gunnar Brammer has released a video, where he goes over all the details, the idea and the rigging, so I’ll let the man behind the design cover that for you here in the video above.

In fact, it’s been about three-and-a-half years since our good friend, Gunnar Brammer, presented us with his first ideas and thoughts that lead to this hook.

The First Ideas - by Gunnar Brammer-01
The first ideas for the GB Swimbait hook.

Ahrex PR378 GB Predator Swimbait - Hook only (#2-0) - Art-03

Bulk Head by Gunnar Brammer
Bulk Head tied by Gunnar Brammer.

The hook is Gunnar Brammer’s idea – hence the GB in the model name. There’s always a certain amount of time from idea to reality and in the case of this hook, especially the big one, the 6/0, was causing some problems in the manufacturing process, simply because of the wire length. But thankfully, we work with extremely skilled companies and mankind has been bending metal wire into hooks for many hundreds of years, so we were confident that we’d get the problems solved.

PR 378 - G-B Swimbait kopi
The PR378 – GB Swimbait is available in size 2/0, 4/0 and 6/0.
The set-up of Gunnars extended body-shanks with the inline setting of materials – see video below.
A Black Bulk Head with a mounted Wiggle Tail at the end of the extended body-shank.
Close-up of the mount of the Wiggle Tail.
Primms by Paul Monaghan
Primms by Paul Monaghan.
Lemonade by Paul Monaghan
Lemonade by Paul Monaghan.
Mono-Rig by Paul Monaghan
Mono-Rig by Paul Monaghan.
Baitfish Flies by Niklaus Bauer
Baitfish Flies by Niklaus Bauer.

The cat’s peaked out of the bag a few times, so some of you may have seen it. Paul Monaghan, who’s provided essential input regarding the design, already did a video on it and if you’re in the US, you may have seen the hook in Hareline’s catalogue. And our Swedish distributor, FlyDressing, have also posted news of the hook.

I think Gunnar’s video says all that needs to be said together with Paul’s thoughts, so I won’t go any further details. Make sure to follow Gunnar Brammer (links below) as his next videos will show in more detail how he uses this hook in his flies. I’m sure Paul Monoghan will also be releasing tutorials featuring this hook, so follow his channels too (links below).

Bob Popovics’s BEAST is Gunnars inspiration for this big “Build-A-Beast” fly.
The large piece of the hook shank is designet for mounting longer straight items as rattles etc.


Perfect mount for a rattle – and easy to replace if broken.

Thanks, Gunnar and Paul, for your work on this hook – it’s a pleasure to work with you and we’re sure the rest of the fly tying community will be as excited with this hook as you, and we, are.

X by Gunnar Brammer-02
X by Gunnar Brammer.

Follow Gunnar Brammer: Instagram, Youtube and FaceBook.

All Black Yak by Paul Monaghan
All Black Yak by Paul Monaghan.

Follow Paul Monaghan: Instagram, Youtube and FaceBook.