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Ole Martin, often called Mr. Møn, has often talked about the island of Møn, situated in the south eastern part of Sjælland (Denmark). The high cliffs and the beaches are beautiful and there’s excellent fishing. Having seen pictures and film from Møn, I had to go. I was dreaming about big, silvery sea trout, but I also had work to do, taking photos and writing, which was taking its toll on my fly fishing dreams.

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

Soon after 5am the following morning we were at the cliffs looking out over the ocean. The conditions were perfect, a slow westerly wind and slightly coloured water. This is perfect, said Ole. A beautiful sun was rising behind the clouds as Ole was getting ready to wish and I was getting my camera gear ready. Soon after Ole was into a 2kg sea trout on the Vaskebjørnen. I had taught Ole how to use my camera, so we took turns fishing and shooting photos.

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

Not long after a fish took the little Kobberbassen I was fishing.I often fish Kobberbassen as a dropper, which I find very effective. We caught several nice fish that day with a 2,6kg sea trout as the biggest.

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

The next day we faced hard, easterly winds, which makes fishing on Møn impossible. The following days we faced varying conditions, but we had some excellent days.

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

I asked Ole for some good tips… As always, remember to fish the shallows before wading deep and start even before you get in the water. Keep an eye out for fish – one fish often means more and large rocks often hold fish. The sea trout like to patrol the zones between dark areas and sand.

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

There are several reefs on Møn that often hold fish. Fish your way out and find a rock and from there, cover the water all the way around. There’s often a good current over these reefs and when that happens, it’s important to let the fly sink. In periods of inactivity I often stay and wait – the fish are moving around and often find their way back.

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

Keep an eye out for spin fishers – sea trout often follow the big lures to shallower water, so sometimes you can catch fish after they’ve left. I actually spoke to a local who’d seen a big trout that wouldn’t take his lure. Afterwards I snuck out and sure enough, I hooked a good fish. A few heavy head shakes and it was gone.

I asked Ole about wind and weather. Sun and flat water is not good on the shallows. Find deeper water, preferably over dark bottom. The reefs and shallow water become attractive again as the sun disappears or clouds come in

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

I often fish into the wind, but too much of it means that the chalk on the bottom makes the water too murky. Slightly murky water is perfect, because the fish seek shallower water and are less shy. If you find a divide between murky and clearer water, these zones often hold fish.

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

I like to “hover” my flies – this is often effective with smaller flies. As the fish come into shallow water they often prey on gammarus, small shrimp etc. This knowledge has increased my succes rate. But keep in mind that you often see sand eel, so you need all types of flies. Sea trout sometimes also chase herring and then it’s important to retrieve your fly faster. Ole’s top 3 flies for Møn are Vaskebjørnen, Pattergrisen and Kobberbassen.

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

Ole recommends spots like Brunshoved, Pomlerende, Ålebæk, Liselund and many more.

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

Camp Møns Klint is the plan to stay if you’re going for an extended trip. It’s close to many good fishing spots and they offer huts, camping and the area has a variety of experiences to offer. Check out

Møn is a great place that has a lot to offer.

Photo: Tommy Solberg / Villmarksfotografen

Tommy Solberg

Tommy or “Villmarksfotografen” is a professional nature photographer  from Norway with a passion for B&W photography, flyfishing & flytying and a big love for Mother Earth.

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