Down – and up!

Sometimes everything is turned upside down – and it seems to be a tendency that is also permeating this blog lately. In March we introduced the SA 210 Bob Clouser Signature hook, and while it, in every way, is a “normal” hook, the fly it was designed around is an upside-down-fly. I’ve touched on the subjects “up-side-down” and “weedless” before, and here we go again.

Today I have the pleasure of introducing new sizes to an existing model and an entirely new model as well. Let’s begin with the first. Our Predator-series PR378 GB Swimbait (autocorrect always tries to change this to swimsuit, by the way) was very well received and just days after launching it, requests for smaller sizes began ticking in. This happens often with new hook series, and we’re very thankful for the feedback we get every time. We had 6/0, 4/0 and 2/0 and we’ve now added 1/0, 1 and 2, which increases the possibilities with this hook. Smaller baitfish are obvious (and still weedless), but also other imitations and bugger-type-flies. Personally, I’d really love to see a 4 and 6, so keep sensding mails to HQ – as you can see, it works.

I simply love these to flies, a small Brammer Pheasant Bugger (by the man Gubbar himself) and Monoghan’s little bait fish.

You can find more about the PR378 GB Swimbait here.

Enough of the new sizes for the PR 378 and to the entirely new hook – the SA 254 Salt Jig. In all its simplicity, there’s really nothing new. It’s close to our PR370 60 Degree Bent Streamer, but with a true in-line, jig-style hook eye and of course in our saltwater A-Steel finish. Unlike the other hooks in the Salt-series,that can made to swim upside down with fly design and correct weighting, this one is born for it, a dedicated upside-down design. We’ve launched it in sizes relevant for a lot of different saltwater species – size 1/0 – 6. We’re aware that we’ll get requests for both smaller and bigger sizes and we’ve had the thought ourselves, but please don’t hold back.

The hook was designed in cooporation with Josh Phillips (Spawn Flyfish) to fit as many fly types as possible that one could imagine riding hook-point-up over the weedbeds of the salty flats. With both sizes and design, this hook lends itself well to everything from small Crazy Charlies to bigger streamers and sand eel imitations, buggers, crabs and more.

Mantis, Baitfish and Hooks: Check out this duo by Giovanni de Pace. One of his signature sand eel flies and a great mantis imitation, both tied on the SA 254.

We hope you like this hook too and with that, I wish you all a Happy Easter.

In this video Morten “Coastfly” Hansen will be tying one of the classics within saltwater-flies – the Crazy Charlie on the new SA254 Salt jig.