Strip your Tiger

Strip Tiger

Hi there. It’s Friday and at the Ahrex headquarter we are still in large streamer mode. Our brand new Trout Predator Series streamer hooks have been shipping to dealers all week, so you guys should be able to put your hands and tying thread around them any day now.

Last week we had 2 films for you, both featuring the marvellous Swedish streamer tier and fly fisherman, Andreas Andersson. More videos with Andreas are in the pipeline.

Today we release another articulated streamer tying SBS, this time I’m the guy in the hot chair under the video lamps (which actually have been upgraded to LED and are pretty cool ;0)

Michael ties a Strip Tiger

I tie a lot of streamers trying to imitate any kind of baitfish, crawfish, amphibian or small rodent. But with this one … uhm … I went off the rails, and tied an imitation (sort off) of… a tiger :0)

And the reason for that? That’s a tough one. Sure … I know that even the most badass monster trout don’t eat tigers. The Strip Tiger was inspired by an image I had in my head … of a pretty fierce man-eating tiger. And there’s just something about this combination of yellow & orange versus black & white that makes this fly highly visible under most conditions. At the same time looks kind of sneaky and deadly.

Anyway I’ve already found out that trout really like the Strip Tiger – and I’m pretty sure most other predators will as well: Bass, pike, musky comes to mind.

Check out the full tying SBS on the Strip Tiger right here …

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Have a nice weekend… and watch out for those tigers :0)