International Fly Tackle Dealer – IFTD


Søren and Morten from Ahrex HQ have left the office for a while to take part in the IFTD. This is of course particularly good news for our American customers, so if you’re curious – let’s say about the new Ahrex Salt hooks, you have the opportunity not only to see the hooks, but also talk to the designer and hear about the thoughts behind the hooks. That is of course if you’re in the Denver area or able to travel there.

The Blue Bear at the Denver Convention Center – Photo Credit IFTD

In case you want to stop by and say hello, Ahrex is a part of Hareline’s booth, since Hareline is the US distributor for Ahrex.
Look for Hareline in booth 904 (Hall C) and have say hi to the guys. Morten is the tall, (once) dark-haired one – Søren is the fit, bald one.

_The London Flyfishing Fair-03

There is of course so much more on the IFTD than Ahrex hooks – it’s a veritable supermarket-candy-store for anyone interested in flyfishing. I’m not entirely sure, but I believe that Hareline has brought the entire range of Ahrex hooks, so there’s a unique opportunity to see any hook you might be interested in.


Joining Morten and Søren are two legends:

Andreas Andersson-07
Andreas Andersson doing his magic

Streamer-dude extraordinaire, Andreas Andersson and trout fisher supreme, Stefan Larsson – both from Sweden. Andreas is known world wide for his extraordinary big trout streamers, and Stefan is a well known trout- and grayling fisher and guide.

Stefan Larsson-01
Stefan Larsson aka Wicked Trout behind the vice

Both are excellent fly tiers and they’ll be performing at the show.

I hope everyone has a great IFTD and hope many of you get there.