International Fly Tying Symposium 2022

IFTS is an abbreviation for the International Fly Tying Symposium – an annual show that has been running for 31 years. The show is an institution on the international fly-show-scene and one that has attracted some of the biggest names in the fly tying world. We, Ahrex, are going this year for the first time and we’re excited and proud. Please come and say hello, we’re hanging out at the Regal & Keough stand.

The director of the IFTS-show Chuck Furimsky.

There’s no doubt that all American readers of this blog know the show and it’s director, Chuck Furimsky. Chuck Furimsky is as much an institution in the fly tying world as the IFTS, because the show is actually his. Chuck Furimsky has been behind every show since it’s inception, 31 years ago. We had a chat with mr. Furimsky to learn a bit more about the show and what you can experience as a guest, especially for our non-American readers:

The International Fly Tying Symposium is returning to the Doubletree Hilton in New Jersey, Nov. 12 & 13’th, 2022. After 31 years of the symposium this weekend continues to rank high on a must show to attend event list. Experienced tiers unveil their latest fly patterns surrounded by anxious admirers learning new tips and techniques. Roaming the aisles you can select any one of a 100 tiers to ask questions to help fine tune your tying skills.

If you are looking to replenish your fly tying room with the best feathers, materials, tools, hooks and books be ready to be overwhelmed by the enormous selections on display and for sale. It’s the best place to find the reliable materials and also the newest and latest products that are being introduced for the first time.

One company making their first visit is traveling across the Atlantic from Denmark. Ahrex hooks are quickly taking the lead in the large category of hook design and plan to present their latest creations.

Chuck even says he’s looking forward to seeing all the styles in person recently pictured in the Hareline catalog.
“Just like I have to feel the feathers when I’m selecting a neck or a saddle, I want to test the strength of a hook and feel the sharpness of the point. You just can’t get that result looking at them on your iPad screen.”

Bill Keough at the Keough booth.

In addition to all the tiers and exhibitors your entrance ticket of $15 allows you to attend any of a dozen seminars and the featured celebrity tiers demonstrating and seen televised so you don’t miss a turn of the tread.

The latest books covering fly tying and fly fishing is another popular three booth stop. And the authors of many of the latest releases will be at the Author’s Booth to sign your books. You can see the entire symposium schedule on the web site: Treat yourself to the entire weekend by staying over at the Doubletree because you can’t see everything in one day. If you haven’t attended the symposium before, you’ll be glad you finally joined this popular weekend. And parking is free.

A big thank you to Chuck Furimsky for taking the time to talk to us. I know from personal experience that the weeks and days up to a big show are more than hectic for the director. I wish every attendee, fly tier, retailer, manufacturer and everyone else a great show!